Tranquility Amidst Nature

The Temple Bell Tower at Twilight, Tranquility Amidst Nature


Touzan Shoutokuji, founded in 1593 (the second year of Bunroku), is a temple of the Bukkō-ji school established in the area of Teradomari, from Anamizu, Noto Province. It is said that at the time of its founding, the monk Gannen of Kōzei-ji received the temple name "Shōtoku-ji" from Kōnyo Shōnin and received the mission to spread Buddhism in the Tohoku region. However, due to circumstances, he stayed in Teradomari. The main enshrined statues he brought with him, such as the seated statue of Shinran Shōnin and the portrait of Prince Shōtoku, have survived two fires, and the garden, the Shokunzuzu (portrait of Prince Shōtoku), and the Ryokan's calligraphy have been designated as cultural assets of Nagaoka City.


The garden, built by a Kyoto gardener in the mid-Edo period, is said to have been constructed by transporting stones from Yamato and gardeners from Kyoto on the Sengoku route ships from Osaka harbor, with the diligent service of many temple parishioners. The buildings make good use of the varied natural environment, creating a pond garden with clever arrangements of hills, ponds, waterfalls, and rocks, which allows for tranquil strolling.

Greetings from the Chief Priest

We strive to build a temple where we listen to the Buddha's teachings together with the local community. Making use of the beautiful surroundings surrounded by the sea and mountains, we aim to revitalize the temple through activities such as garden tours and music concerts. Our goal is to achieve the harmony of community vitality, family peace, and temple activities, cherishing the connections through the teaching of nenbutsu .